5 Home Improvements That Can Drastically Raise The Value Your Foreclosure Investment

Simple home improvement in the foreclosed property that you purchased can add a significant amount of value to the home. You want to keep them simple for two reasons; (1) you want to be able to complete them yourself to keep service costs down and (2) simple improvements can have big impact without much cost.

1. A lighted ceiling fan. A lighted ceiling fan will add charm to any room and help to help with heating and cooling costs. Here are some important tips to remember when installing your fan. Take down you current lighting fixture before buying a ceiling fan; measure the hole in the ceiling and make sure the new mounting hardware will cover it. Keep yourself safe first, and foremost. Be sure to turn off the electricity from the main switch. You want to make sure there is NO electricity running through this area. Follow the instructions that came with your ceiling fan to a tee. They are included to make your installation as easy as possible. Make sure that the wires are secured and tight in the wire nuts.

2. Painting bedroom and bathroom. New paint makes the home look cleaner and more inviting. It also is one of the most inexpensive and easiest of home improvements that you can do. Here’s a couple of things to remember when painting. When painting a room where there’s stains from cigarette smoke or water, cover these areas with a stain blocker. Otherwise they will bleed through the new paint. Use quality paint brushes and quality paint. The quality of the brush and paint is easily seen on the dry wall. Sand lightly between coats. Use at least two coast of paint.

3. Tiled counters. When you’ve purchased a foreclosed property and the counter tops are less than desirable, this improvement will make a lot of difference. Just remember to measure twice and cut once; make your tiles count. Use a toothbrush on the wet grout; this smoothes it out better than your finger. Make sure you have enough receptacles before covering the backsplash. These are easily added and will increase the functionality of the kitchen.

4. Kitchen lighting. Use the same principles used for the ceiling fan. A kitchen needs to be well lighted. Be sure to hang them where people won’t walk into them.

5. Kitchen island. This may sound like a big project, but it’s one that will increase the value of the house and make the kitchen look very functional as well as much more attractive. You can have a cook top in the island, a dishwasher, a sink, or none of the above. It could just be for extra storage below and used as a kitchen bar and extra counter space on top.

These improvements will make your foreclosure property look and feel more like a home that wants to be lived in. This makes for a win-win situation for both you and the buyer.

Joe Pahl

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